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On 6th of December 2019, The People’s Dialogue began a campaign to engage South Africans about the future they want for their country.

The campaign sought to facilitate a solutions-oriented conversation between South Africans around key issues relating to Corruption, Jobs & Economy, Crime & Security, Immigration, Redressing the Legacy of our Unjust Past, and the Political System.

The response to the campaign was overwhelming, soliciting over 2.4 million engagements resulting in over 125,000 substantive submissions. Beyond these numbers, what I found humbling was the extent to which people poured their hearts and minds into their contributions – submitting entire turnaround strategies and plans to fix our country.

What emerges from this is that South Africans are deeply passionate about the future of their country and equally dissatisfied with the current political establishment. People are vested in the project of turning South Africa around, and have highly informed ideas as to how this can be achieved.

From our perspective this report provides a powerful platform from which to build a political alternative grounded in the views and vision of millions of South Africans. This will be invaluable as we begin the work of developing policies and solutions blueprints to South Africa’s biggest challenges.

I am confident that this process will lead to our new political party providing very real, practical and people-centric solutions for South Africa.

My view, and certainly the view arising from the engagements with South Africans, is that people have very little faith in our current political establishment.

This is why I believe so strongly in project to establish a new political alternative that can carry forward the hopes and beliefs of the people of our country.

  • Herman Mashaba

Click here to download the full report of The People's Dialogue.

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